The Immovable Liverpool!

As a fan of one of the most iconic teams in world football, we are mocked by others because of the team that we support: Liverpool FC.

‘Bottlers’, ‘ashamed by everything’, etc are few of the terms that are thrown in our faces by non-associates of our club.

The demise of the Reds over the course of decades, coupled with the success enjoyed by our rivals, has only added flame to the proverbial fires that have engulfed our status and club.

Although the previous European campaign made the rest of the continent sit up and take notice of a sleeping giant, this season however, has seen Liverpool arise from a prolonged slumber and ascend into the upper echelons where it belongs.

Mixed results against Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli saw Liverpool scamper across the line and into the knockout stages, while contending a fierce, yet entertaining battle with Manchester City in the Premier League.

Many would doubt whether the Reds possessed the ability to progress further into the competition, having just made it into the last 16 and still reeling from the heartbreak in Kiev.

Nevertheless, no matter the opposition, Liverpool played with the tenacity and joie de vivre that had epitomised their run to Kiev, along with a defensive steel that had not been seen in years.

Bayern Munich and Porto all tried and failed, and Barcelona were next for the Reds; just like last season, Spanish opposition stood in the way of potential glory.

While the contest in England was proving to be mouthwatering, in addition to this, Liverpool’s progression into Europe had stoked talk of a ‘Double’ and slowly but surely, the pride of supporting the Merseyside Reds had all but been established.

A good performance in Barcelona but a poor result saw Jurgen Klopp and his troops face the insurmountable task of overturning a 3-0 deficit while trying to keep Lionel Messi and co. quiet. “We have to deny Barcelona from scoring and it doesn’t happen too often that Barcelona doesn’t score at all,” said Jurgen Klopp in his pre-match press conference.

“It doesn’t make life easier but as long as we have 11 players on the pitch then we will try it and everybody knows that,” referencing the 3-0 deficit and not having Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah.

Regardless of the obstacles, and nobody giving them a chance, everybody associated with Liverpool knew that with this team, manager, fans and stadium, anything is possible.

Four unanswered goals and a man-of-the-match performance from every Red who tread the hallowed turf of Anfield saw the unthinkable being achieved, and doubters made to eat their words, recognizing the will to succeed was greater than Barcelona’s.

Once the final whistle went off, pandemonium ensued from the players and fans, realizing that the impossible had become possible, their indefatigable nature proving immovable and bearing fruits not seen since the Stadio Olimpico.

There is just something about this team that we call our own, that represents the Liverpool County, who strive to fight for the badge and not give up regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

For the world has taken notice of who we are, of what we are capable of. No matter who you are, this team will fight to the very end and vehemently chase down all the goals and objectives that it can.

A final day bonanza awaits on Sunday, with the Premier League’s destination undecided, and although Man City may have the advantage, you would not bet against an upset or a fork in the road to occur.

Thank you, Liverpool FC, for the feelings and memories that you have given us, for teaching us to never give up, that no task is insurmountable, and nothing is over until the final whistle blows.

Jordan Minnaar

Ardent Liverpool supporter, language learner and lover, to an extent

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