The Best Ways to Connect with Liverpool Outside of Anfield

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Liverpool are perhaps one of the most recognizable football clubs in the world, with trophies littering their rich history.

They may have struggled to make an impression in the Premier League since its inception, but they did win the 2018/19 Champions League final, as well as enjoying unparalleled success throughout the eighties.

That’s led to a legion of fans across the world following their fortunes. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get to Anfield to watch a game, especially not from another continent.

There are plenty of ways overseas fans can connect with the club though; so here we are going to present you with our guide to supporting the Mighty Reds outside of their home city.

Pre-Season Tours

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The Liverpool Echo explains how the Reds went out on a pre-season tour of the U.S this season, facing off against Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Sporting CP. Matches were played in cities such as Boston and New York, bringing Jurgen Klopp’s side to a U.S audience.

They were also stateside in 2018/19 when Manchester City, Manchester United and Dortmund played matches in Charlotte, East Rutherford and Ann Arbor during a similar tour.


Taking place in Las Vegas, Kopcon is a coming together of Liverpool fans from across the U.S. The event was attended by a number of former players including Terry McDermott, Howard Gayle and David Johnson.

Las Vegas was a great venue for the event as well; it’s easy to get to and has a track record of holding high-profile shows and tournaments, which bring people together from across the country. The PPPoker Instagram feed shows how new brands are bringing global communities together through hosting tournaments in different continents. A similar diversification has led to Liverpool being one of the major football brands in the world.

Supporters Clubs

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There are clubs for supporters across the globe bringing Liverpool fans together on a matchday, or through the season with informal meetings and discussions. Whether you’re in Athens, Lausanne, Sapporo or Dubai, there’s a group of fans waiting to welcome you.

Much of the allure of football comes not from the game itself, but from the sense of community it brings with it. Around Anfield friends and families will meet up and head to the game, something that can be replicated without the visit to the ground across the world.


LFC World

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LFC World is described by the club’s official website as an immersive fan-experience that will bring the club together with fans around the world. There’s little need to go to Anfield when the club might just be coming to you.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai and Jakarta have all held the events organized by the club, giving fans a chance to meet some former stars including Jason McAteer, Sami Hyypia and Steve McManaman.

There are opportunities to win trips to Anfield and specially-arranged ‘viewing parties’ where fans come together to watch a game, bringing the real fan experience to them.


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