Live Game Cafe – August 2019

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  1. Since the scum lost points today I’m selling an old laptop from 2009 without a charger or harddrive, do you think anyone will buy it?

    1. There are antique cars, antique planes and trains…. but if anyone tried to start an antique computer shop or museum, they’ll need all the warehouses at Rotterdam port to house them all 😃

      1. It’s not old enough by defenition to be called antique, but in millenium-speak it is. Btw, I got two, but I’m selling the one with less RAM first…the weasel salesman I am 😀

    2. Um, on reading that again, if it ain’t got a hard drive, it automatically qualifies to be an antique! 😃

      1. Joe, I’ve cleared my cache so many times now and I still have to log in each time. It should be called disfucked

  2. Need my hometown team to win to keep my bet alive, if they do, I just need the European champions to hammer Dyches’ yard dogs and Lomachenko to dust off Luke Campbell tonight.

      1. Just a 6 fold mate. Not for much, but I didn’t have one single bet come in last year ( yes I’m the world’s unluckiest gambler ) , so any returns is a bonus

      1. what the fuck are they putting in it these days, i had literally 4 pints and 4 Tequilla’s and i feel like i’ve had the shit kicked out of me

        1. And they will.. But I’m not concerned about them.. My prediction for top4 was
          1. Lfc
          2. City
          3. Wolves
          4. Arsenal
          but Wolves lost too many points already..

  3. When do you think OGS will get the boot? My heart says “never” but my head says December…..

      1. He’ll have an alibi if Sanchez and Pogba leave the club.. Nobody expects them to get in top4 anyway..

  4. Good footy day to all….. on the road again bur this time my hotel happens to have the channel showing today’s main games….. and as i join i see Soton just equalised….😃😃

  5. Tell me,
    When your missus and daughter go to the theatre and leave you on your own, Is it inappropriate to go to a strip club?

    1. …instead of being a good guy and watching LFC win, Manure draw and cheering on City’s opponent…? 🤔😃

        1. Strip clubs with TV screens showing the footy, now that’s a can’t lose proposition there….. 🤔😃

        2. Strip clubs with TV screens showing the footy, now that’s a can’t lose proposition there….. 🤔😃

    1. Wow the Filthy, dirty, scummy, pathetic lowlife gobshite…Hope they get hold of him hold him down and get the poor lady In question to sit on his face and shit in his mouth then superglue his lips together.

    2. I read somewhere that Diego Costa has his own version of this kind of thing, except that it’s literally in yer face…..

  6. Now, if dyche was carrying on his dickery from our last meeting i would be fine. Instead he is being all arse kissy, so i want us to give them a proper pounding.

    1. Postive that the team and fans don’t have to travel far east to play any games. Shitey on the other hand have to deal with shaktar and zagreb which are a bit further.

  7. Stevie Gers through to EL group stages. I hope they meet the bhoys and slap em about a bit before knocking them out the comp whilst taking the SPL away from them as well.

  8. Deano the dickhead released after a day. What a twat. Just accept your punishment and move on. No one gives a fuck so why appeal

  9. Mass exodus from scum today. Just need to see them fail extremely miserably this season but keep amagonnaloseforsure as manager and all’s well on the world

      1. They would never have seen his back back Red as he was too busy lying down on the medics table 🤣

    1. It’ll be a bit hilarious seeing Barca players always watching out for the corner after *that* defining moment at Anfield…..

      1. Thing is Den, although ‘The Corner’ will always be associated with it, we scored another 3 and completely murdered them too.

        1. Think a lot of people overlook that fact mate that we absolutely tore them a new arsehole that night.

  10. What a fucking proud moment… VVD!!!!

    And why the fuck is Cantona there.. No way baby.. U can’t bring them in.. No place for 6th…

  11. Not a bad group for us tbh. The only threat to finishing top is Napoli. I would say that we should qualify from that group without too much issue. The Grail is paramount this season with no’7 being the cherry

    1. They gonna spend time together after this… That’s what he said.. May they have happy ending..

  12. Defender of the season….. no prizes for guessing….. they stopped taking bets long time ago…..

      1. bloody hope so mate, Virgil looked like he wanted to kill Adrian when he came out of his box against the Arse

      1. 20 yrs ago I heard someone go “balabalabalabala….” and that was supposed to be “tongues”….

      1. But…. but… they are actually capable of giving the president’s award to….. Eric “Kungfu” Cantona…. i dread to see what they’ll stoop down to…..

      1. well, being a bit of a Horse’s arse myself, i’d opt for the back. I won’t tell Nev if you don’t, halvesies?

          1. done. He’ll get banged up for exposing himself in London anyway, i figure he’d have wanted it to go to a good home. Gonna do mine like Curry Goat.

          2. He may end up in an adjoining suite at the Tower of London next to Bojo perhaps. Curried pony could well be the next big thing…

          3. i can see them now. Recon i may need to get a massive Magnet for the gas meter, that curry’s gonna take days

          4. Sounds like a plan to me, we can down plenty of red stripe while we’re waiting for it to cook 👌🏾

  13. Lincoln 1-0 up against the bitters after 21 seconds. Let’s hope they last and knock em out 🥊

  14. CL news – Fake madgetrid Atleti and spuds all in pot 2. Unusual to see the first 2 in there but spuds after reaching the final ???

  15. can’t we just tell Bobby Duncan’s agent to pop in for talks and then just paste him round the car park, so sick of us always having to put up with these pricks

      1. Whoa….. Al Capone once brought a bat to a dinner with his “friends”, and let’s just say no good things happened that evening…..

  16. Greatest game you’ve ever played in?
    VVD ” The Barcelona game”
    Greatest game you’ve ever watched ?
    VVD “I watched the Barcelona game game back”

    I have no idea what he’s talking about, I think it was because I was out of my own body at the time…

  17. what, so we are keeping Kent just to play a few cup games. It isn’t his fault we got no front 3 cover. Rangers can’t afford to buy him, so at least let them pay his wages and he can play

  18. Burnley away, never easy these days, can’t see City dropping points against Brighton , so it’s another any sort of win game-again.Looks possible that the leap-frog situation between us and City is set to carry on

    1. I think we’ll overwhelm them Geoff Like we did against Arsenal. They simply couldn’t cope with the intensity

      1. Really hope so Neve, that area is suffering (Bolton and Bury), but I still don’t want Burnley to get anything out of this match.

  19. Fuckin wankers at BT sport have voted that spuds comeback against Ajax was better than ours against farca. What the fuck does our club have to do to get the recognition it deserves. Ajax are a championship std club and farca are a champions league std club. The difference is clear to all and sundry but just WHAT THE FUCK do we have to do. I am sick to death of no fuck-all’s having their say and not giving credit where it’s due. They can all go and FUCK THEMSELVES. BIASED FUCKING ASSHOLES. Rant over…..for now

    1. Cunts. Dont listen to them mate. The REAL fans know which is the best and that’s what counts…. At the end of the day, its us who has the trophy in their cabinet.

      1. I don’t listen tbh it just riles me still that everyone else is favourite and gets credit for doing and winning jack shit.

    2. Afan,
      They can bullshit it as much as they like but,
      There’s never been a comeback like ours against a side like Barca’s. It’s one of Sports great achievements. That was a Barcelona team armed to the teeth with the best players around and we leathered them! On top of that we were without Mo and Bobby.

      Do what I do mate, point at the telly and swear.

      1. Agree RN. And boy do I point and swear. The wife usually exits stage left when the footy is on and even more so when I turn on the PS4.

    3. You can’t beat a good rant mate….The footballing media by and large hate’s us and nowaday’s cos we are doing well again makes em even more bitterly pathetic and resentful toward’s us.
      Fuck em we have shit better turd’s than them.

    4. Anyone that has an ounce of credibility knows what was the best come back, plus winning the god damn thing renders ours with a silver lining.
      I understand your anger but it’s aimed at a plank of wood.

  20. 25 years ago this week. GOD scored the fastest ever hattrick in the league. Now that’s history. 👊🏻

      1. I know mate but that doesn’t count as far as I’m concerned cos it wasn’t us. We have god they have……well someone who scored 3 goals. And I bet if it came up in a quiz not many would know who scored them but if God’s came up everyone would know who knows about footy

      1. As bizarre as it may sound Alex, I feel a bit blasé towards the Champions League. I know the enormity of the tournament and the revenue that comes with it but, I’d sacrifice it willingly to win the Premiership.

        1. i felt blase’ about it yesyerday when it was mentioned, mainly coz there’s only one team winnin it though

          1. Yeah that’s probably it mate. If we win the league this season and like Squiz I’ve got a feeling that we will, it will be the watershed for a dominant era for us.
            Success breeds Success an all that.

    1. What now? It takes a while if you comment from the disqus-inbox to materialize at the site, let’s say foarsite…

      1. It’s not that Flake.
        I’ve got to log in every time. I thought I sorted it last week by deleting all the cookies and shit on my phone but, it’s back to the same now. 😡

          1. I’d literally hadn’t had a problem for about a month, touch wood it seems to have sorted itself out now.

    2. Just gonna throw this out there Is It Disqus or Is It just a bunch of jealous bastards out there trying to fuck our platform up ?…Could be could be not….whichever way …They ave got no chance.

      1. The ridiculous thing is Red, is that it’s working fine again today?? There’s no rhyme or reason to it?

        It’s Just a poor platform mate.

        1. I always log in via FB, not sure if I should but don’t have many issues with that, it usually keeps me logged on unless I do I clean up, but this is via my laptop

          1. Use a fake account, I even use a fake name when I’m out on town. It’s fucking hilarious when people start to argue about it…

          2. I just cant be arsed with Fakebook mate…… and I used to use fake names out on town when I was a young buck trying to tap birds up 😁😁😁

          3. Right, I had problems using Disqus I must admit, I realise FB is not for everyone,and it’s more of a way around the log in issue, rather than solving the problem

  21. Chirivella playing, he is only 22, but feels like he has been here for ages and not breaking through…

  22. wonder if Klopp could take a 1 year break, after all it has happened before.
    If you look at giggs/solskjaer, it’s too big a job untested.

    Loads of pundits are saying Stevie and Klopp’s contracts run out at the same time but in our case, i think we will also have noticed that the transition can’t just be forced through.

    1. After 6 months he would be itching to get back I bet, he loves the buzz too much it overpowers him sometimes.

      1. could genuinely see no problem with the two working together with the clubs future being foremost in their minds

      2. I can’t imagine us having one of those coaches who remain seated with no emotion showing , I feel like I am sitting right at the front of the roller coaster alongside Klopp, just hold on tight and try and catch your breath back afterwards

    2. The problem I foresee (It’s a good problem by the way) is, Klopp has taken us to a level we all craved to be. And, we are still improving all the time. He’s going to be handing over a trophy winning team to someone. That’s an awfully big pair of boots to fill.

      For the minute, let’s just hope he stays a while. (Until he’s 80)

      1. what i mean is, we all know Stevie will be returning at some point but why not let Klopp have a year and give Stevie a free hit for one season and just have some fun. Klopp can then return as manager for a last couple of years to tutor him properly.
        I think Klopp is too shy to enjoy seeing his face on the flags with Shanks et al and it is premature tbh, but i don’t think another 2 years is enough to really go into that select few.

        1. The same was said about Shanks when he left that he should have had taken a year off to recharge the batteries. Is it a problem to hand over the reigns to another manager for a season and then come back in to the hotseat-I don’t know?.
          I, like Neve hope that Klopp stays for a very long time, but yes I agree with you that Stevie will return at some point,
          The spirit within the club right now is everything, it’s unimaginable to think that Klopp would wish to leave, but nothing goes on forever, unfortunately.

  23. “Bolton Wanderers are on the brink of liquidation after the latest deal to buy the club collapsed”,

    That’s real shame, a club with a great tradition, I hope somehow they can survive.

    I’ll always remember this goal, Frank Worthington, looked like he was going to be our player at one time but he failed 2 blood preassure tests if I remember correctly.

    1. This is really nice of Barca to “consider” a move for TAA, as long as they realise there’s a big fuck off coming their way…

          1. They can start supplying us their academy boys.. We pick the best. We can offer their first eleven training tickets at melwood if they want

    2. This is really nice of Barca to “consider” a move for TAA, as long as they realise there’s a big fuck off coming their way…

    3. Who do they think they are innit? I think they’ve forgotten the hammering we gave then only a few months ago? You know, when we went on to win the Champions League…..

      Cheeky bastards.

    4. saw that yesterday, think old don Balon may be on the micro dots……says a lot for Trent’s profile though

      1. And doing it in the prem, I really hope next season he’s banging them in for us as defending Premier League champions

        1. I hope so too mate….but, I don’t think the rest of his game would give him the breakthrough into our starting 11 yet. Obviously playing week in week out in the Premiership will help him.
          He’s got a wand of a left leg mind.

          1. A full season in the prem should help the missing aspects in his game. That left foot would give us a different dimension against certain teams.

          2. Oh absolutely!
            Against the bus parking teams it would be an amazing asset. Anything from 25yds out is a danger zone with him.

          3. He’s with a very good coach at Bournemouth, he will learn from this experience, and he could be an asset if he decides that his future still lies at Anfield, I hope he does because he seems to have the right attitude.

          4. Definitely Geoff.
            I was a bit disappointed he went on loan to be honest but, at least he’s playing premiership football and, as you say he’s with a good coach.

          5. He beat De Gea last season and now Ederson, two of the best keepers in the league made to look like chumps.

  24. Basically, all those who spent well during tranfer window, none could keep 100% record so far..
    Compared to the one who didn’t…

      1. Hiya buddy, been keeping busy planning Mum’s 80th birthday celebration. Still struggling with the speed with which it all happened but our wonderful memories are really comforting. How’s everything with you, is the family home now?

        1. It’s an awfully tough time mate. My heart goes out to you.

          Yeah we’re all good here thank you 👍

          1. It’s really hit home both my parents are now gone and I’m only 47. Thank you, my Foar family was a huge support to me and I can’t thank you all enough.

        2. My Mum’s 70th would have been September… like yourself it all happened so fast I would take you up on your kind offer to chat but am not sure where to message you.

          1. Hey you, how are your culinary skills? This might sound crazy but why don’t you bake a cake, celebrate her birthday in some way, her birthday will always be a special day to you so do something nice for her.

            Talking is the only thing keeping me going, via Facebook or whatsapp is cool.

          2. Says page not found (might be me as I don’t have Facebook) – I am a pretty decent cook though so that sounds like a really good idea. Maybe I can sort out whatsapp to find you.

          3. My siblings and I are honouring Mum’s wishes and still holding the 80th birthday celebration she had started planning, muggins here is doing all the cooking for around 120 people… Whatsapp, email or phone whichever helps and is easiest for you .

      1. Taking one day at a time, it’s all still pretty raw but we’re pulling together as a family. Really glad the footie has started again, it’s a great distraction. How’s everything going with you?

        1. Hiya mate…I’m alright got a bit of work coming up the week.after next..Which Is great for me as 7 year’s ago I got struck down with full on top to bottom spinal arthritis….But I have an ace or two up me sleeve….The main one being I am a stubborn bastard who will just not give up and the other one being that In the right places I just don’t give a flying fuck .

          1. That’s absolutely amazing, that’s such a serious condition. All I can say is kudos to you, not giving a fuck could well be the way forward.

          2. Excactly mate…It’s just of one them things you have to manage carefully to avoid flare up’s…Doesn’t always work mind….But when you do get them they always pass so most of the time I’m ok.

          3. Damn skippy mac. The inner fight is the hardest and when ya know ya can knock it back the rest isn’t so bad.

    1. I guess the spurs just ain’t as sharp as they should be RN. You can lead a horse to water……. 🤣

    2. It’s very refreshing to see something that has been put to us over quite recent years turned fully on It’s head.

  25. Them Spud’s are an unpredictable bunch at times eh….Steve Bruce e’s gorra big fat head …e’s gorra big fat head …e’s gorra big fat head….Fuck me It’s that big you could land a fuckin helicopter on It.

      1. Me an all Geoff…Generaly speaking Geordies are as sound as they come…But like anywhere there’s always one mate.

          1. That’s why me and the lads have been going there twice a year every year for twenty years.
            Toontastic 🍺🍺

    1. Bet some Spurs fans were thinking it would be 3 ,4, or 5 nil and Kane would be amongst the goals.

        1. hope they get nothing today. Always love Sunday nights at the pub when we win, scum fans are never in and spurs fans just sit there and take it.

          1. Ah mate scum fan’s are nearly as funny as the bitter’s… always desperatley looking for a crumb of comfort

    1. 1. He’s effin’ mental
      2. ENG doing what ENG does best (& worst…)
      3. It’s (also) coming home!

    2. Absolutely monumental innings that. I never seen it, just a few highlights but it looks like he just went ” fuck it, I’m going into one-day mode “. Insane that the last wicket he got 75 of the 76 runs required.He is destined to get cricketer of the year.

      1. Imagine LFC doing a Barca and winning 4-3 on aggregate after going 3-0 down on aggregate twice in the space of 6 weeks (and imagine Messi misses a sitter in the 89th min)….. that’d be absolutely mental!

          1. don’t think so Joe ~ remember Potter was Swansea boss when they would have knocked them out in the cup last year but for dodgy decisions ~ I think he’ll play the same way, I know Brighton lost yesterday but were down to 10 men after 30 minutes, when it was 11 v 11 they were better than Southampton from what I saw.

    1. I dare you to show them that post……. and I ain’t talking the one that’s holding the fence up

    2. Bet your torn mate. On one hand the you have your best friend soul mate and offspring and on (or in ) the other hand you have no more naked jolly’s round the castle. Dilemma or what ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Watched Mo’s second goal a few times now. That burst of pace to skin the defenders and calmness to pick a Corner was simply world class. 👏

        1. That’s the thing mate It really Is all about the team and the players…Where that takes us this year Who know’s But one thing I do know Is we are In the best place that we have been In for a long time.

          1. Absolutely Mac. We’re a unit now, not a team relying on one or two world class individuals.
            (Bobby does keep it ticking over mind you)

          2. That first 10 minutes yesterday epitomises teamwork at the top end of the scale, it was like they were hunting in packs, superb to watch

          3. That first 10 minutes yesterday epitomises teamwork at the top end of the scale, it was like they were hunting in packs, superb to watch

        2. Talk about a secret weapon. He gotta be the most underrated player we ever had and possibly the most dangerous. No one from outside our club actually appreciates what he can do or does for the rest of the team. He is a ghost of a player.

    1. Even the penalty was superb…
      Most of them played so so well…
      Infcat I just feel we need to give lots of credits to Matip…

  27. House cleaned, lawns cut, dishwasher emptied and any incriminating trace of my new penchant for nude drinking has been thoroughly disposed of.

    She can return home none the wiser…..😇

        1. Does she wear white cotton gloves and wipe a finger on the furniture looking for a minute speck of dust?

          1. No it rarely lets me upload a picture either? Disqus is a bit shit I think mate.
            I deleted all my cookies etc and it helped a lot.

    1. ha…i doesn’t work like that (i take it you bought the Leopard Banana Hammocks….either way) the beast has been awakened. Your wife and child are gonna find you in the garden after sleep walking. I personally would’ve prepared a speech for that moment

  28. Years back the Kop sang “we’ll fight the fight for Liverpool”, don’t have to these days, they are more than equipped to fight and battle for themselves, brillliant lads thankyou.

  29. Jeff Stelling amazed at the number of empty seats at toilet…….. error that’s cos they are shit Jeff

    1. If you believe a word that G Neville says, then the answer is yes, he told us often enough -why you no rissen?

    2. If you believe a word that G Neville says, then the answer is yes, he told us often enough -why you no rissen?

    3. Think they are better, especially when they can get to impose their game…Not against us or City, obviously…They’ll get a lot of joy against smaller teams and Auba, Laca and Pepe will have lots of fun…We’ll know more when they play against Tottenham next week…

      1. have a feeling spuds will know that defence is piss week, i’m not sure the arse are strong enough at the back for their mids to play offensively and bring the front 3 into the game

        1. Like United, their key strength is in transition and during counter-attacks…They’ll do well when they get the first goal in games and space opens up…They are not built to chase games…Reminds me a bit of us in Klopp’s first full season in charge when we were chasing CL and before we strengthened our defence…

    4. I completely agree.
      They do have a goal threat in Auba mind you so he’ll probably score them enough to get by mate.

  30. Years back the Kop sang “we’ll fight the fight for Liverpool”, don’t have to these days, they are more than equipped to fight and battle for themselves, brillliant lads thankyou.

  31. Really enjoyed that, loved how Mo shrugged off Luiz for his 2nd goal, Luiz is a luxury player, and has been a bloody expensive one at that.

  32. Really enjoyed that, loved how Mo shrugged off Luiz for his 2nd goal, Luiz is a luxury player, and has been a bloody expensive one at that.

  33. 3 games in or not, the message was comprehensibly reiterated today.

    ‘Come to Anfield and you’re avin it!! ✊’

  34. If anyone is into boxing Sergey Kovalev v Anthony Yarde is about to start on BT Sport 2… I expect a good old fashioned tear up 🥊

  35. i know it’s easy to say now and i know psychologically the arse were partly trying not to get a thrashing but we look a long way ahead of them and we haven’t clicked yet

      1. thought he looked bright. He will look better when Emery isn’t shitting himself and they play on the front foot. Klopp could’ve done something with him but he’ll find someone cheaper and probably make them even better

  36. There was someone yesterday asking for being able to relax in the last 10 mins…guess this is what it feels like…

  37. Salah bearing down at you in full flow must be one of the scariest sights in the world for a defender…

    1. He should just follow Mo home and wait on him hand and foot after today….Mo owns him now- them are the rules…

  38. VVD gave Pepe space in the first half. Probably the first time he’s seen him. Measured his tendencies, his vision, positioning…then pocketed him.

    1. You would not want VVD to be responsible for finances of a committee….he is so good at pocketing things…

  39. Arsenal looks much more compact with counter attack in their mind. 6-7 players in their box at times..
    They can’t take another 5 goals…
    So regardless of the score.. Let’s get our 3 points and clean sheet pls.

    1. Yeah…Think we will see Trent and Robbo use that space better in the 2nd half…Unless Emery changes tack…

    2. They pack the belly and forego the wings. Now they will open up and mark the wingbacks.

      Bobby will nick a few then

  40. Think we are going to blow them away 2nd half, unless they change something….Klopp must have been surprised at how much space Trent and Robbo got…The tactical instructions for us at half-time are usually spot-on. And Pepe will be tired as well as he’s not fit to play 90.

    1. I was just debating with my son ( who is a gunner 🙄🙄🙄) that when playing against 2 pacy forwards whether it’s better to have 2 CB’s with pace too to combat them ) , then Matip comes up with the header

        1. Lol, believe me I tried to bring him to the light but he chose the dark side. Maybe he was switched at the hospital when being born.

  41. We have got the knack of scoring in 40-45 mins, they count as double.

    We used to be on the receiving end. That has reversed.

    1. There was enough for even Arsenal to be excited by in that….Pepe looks good though they will wish he was more clinical…We are still ramping up but don’t think any team in this league can match us when we are on bar City

  42. Back in the house. What’s happening peeps. I’m on my Jolly’s for a few a days so tv is a scarcity

  43. Lampard needs to reconsider how open he has Chelsea playing…This can only “work” when he has Kante’s energy to patrol the midfield…Good teams are going to exploit those spaces if they don’t close them up quickly and they are not fit enough to press for as long as they will need yet…Might work long term but if they don’t start getting results soon, confidence will be very low…

          1. They gave us a game in the Super Cup, though….Hard to make firm decisions from first three games of season under new manager…Can see some of what he is trying to do but it is a high risk0high reward kind of thing…

          2. That’s because we were woeful too for the most part. I honestly can’t see Chelsea finishing top 4

          3. Used to be that nobody made their minds up about the season until about game 10…Still not sure what United, Arsenal even Spurs are going to look like this season…Don’t have them in y top 4 either but stranger things have happened…

    1. Yup…And one of them we scored 4 goals in the first half…Made it sound like its been 10 games…

  44. Wow, farce much. VAR is a joke, if there was a red card moment, the players would have reacted.

  45. Crossing is poor, but when it does come in, I wish Salah wasntthe man in the box.. sometimes we need an out and out striker.

    1. An out-and-out trker would suffer in our system…We don’t play to those sort of strengths…Origi can do it towards the end when we need to resort to that…

        1. Thanks Neve – Mum’s funeral was Wednesday – I had her LFC Top on the coffin and we all sang YNWA in the church – Its what she would have wanted 🙂

        2. Thanks Neve – Mum’s funeral was Wednesday – I had her LFC Top on the coffin and we all sang YNWA in the church – Its what she would have wanted 🙂

          1. Thanks Gegen and you too RUD… Hey… I almost didn’t recognize you without the Al Pacino avatar 🙂

  46. Woy: helo helo.. Is that you Agent W..
    Wan B: boss… Mission accomplished and this phone will get destroyed in 5s..
    Woy: wait wait wait..
    Wan B: yes bos
    Woy: I miss you…


  47. The wheels on the bus go the wrong way round….. wrong way round…..wrong way round…. the wheels on the bus go the wrong way round……all season long