Live Game Cafe – September 2019

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    1. OMG is it that hard to get a game going? the druids did the right thing to bring their away kit.
      1. cardiff mets should be magnanimous enough and show top sportsmanship by using their other non-red kit. it’s a sensible thing to do to get the game going.
      2. but to let the game descended into cancellation, the mets ought to be expelled to greenland for behaviour unbecoming of impeccable welsh traditions, thus bringing the game into disrepute and then fined till they file for bankruptcy.
      3. they should refund all football fans treble their tickets and journey fares.
      4. the club CEO should stand 3 feet away from the club archer with three arrows…

    2. OMG is it that hard to get a game going? the druids did the right thing to bring their away kit.
      1. cardiff mets should be magnanimous enough and show top sportsmanship by using their other non-red kit. it’s a sensible thing to do to get the game going.
      2. but to let the game descended into cancellation, the mets ought to be expelled to greenland for behaviour unbecoming of impeccable welsh traditions, thus bringing the game into disrepute and then fined till they file for bankruptcy.
      3. they should refund all football fans treble their tickets and journey fares.
      4. the club CEO should stand 3 feet away from the club archer with three arrows…

  1. So it’s Brendan and his Leicester side next week, they were always a bogey team to us , we have to win again., ‘cos Wolves won’t…..

    1. It won’t be easy for them either…
      It’s good we are playing them at home early of the season. I hate playing against teams like this who wants to prove to the world that they can beat the European King!

  2. My Mrs thinks I’ve finally flipped, when the Everton goal went in and I screamed yesssss,, she asked if I was watching Liverpool, and I shouted no-Everton……………….

    1. Haha. If bitters take points off them it could have massive consequences in the race, even this early on Geoff.

      1. I’m ok mate, she just doesn’t understand football, makes a change from “my wife doesn’t understand me”…..

        1. Sure she must have seen a lot of things over the years courtesy of you supporting the Reds…My wife nominally supports United (her brothers and dad did when she was young) but in truth, she couldn’t pick out any of their players…Football time is my time…

          1. I’ll let you into a secret, when we first got together we were in her parents lounge -alone , it was about 22;00 hours and the TV was on, news time, she was getting a bit romantic just as the sports news started, the presenter on the TV stated that LFC have today signed Kenny Dalglish from Celtic, that diverted my attention completely, and to this day she has never let me forget that………..

    1. Well we reach this level where we have to win by pure class. Where opponents sneer if we win by pen… We are that good.

  3. Presence of VVD… How much it has changed the entire team…
    Bringing the best of many players around him..
    I wonder if Matip will be this good without him.
    Best piece of business we have ever done over the years…

    1. Not sure we can talk about Virgil’s excellence without also bringing in Alisson and Fabinho, who have had similar transformative effects on the defence

    1. And a possible penalty that doesn’t get called….Any of that changes the game…We remember the close calls against us but those happened as well…

  4. It’s our back 5 that’ll win us the league. We’ve got amazing firepower in our front 3 but we’ve had that before. We’re better balanced now.

  5. 3 points however they come is just about all you can ask, and it irritates/frustrates rivals/rival how the goal came. “Big Wheel Keeps On Turning “……..

    1. They can’t all be easy but to win when you are not at your best is what is necessary to win the league…

  6. Whether its our day or not, we are leaving with the 3pts…Will also be nice to break City’s consecutive wins record…

      1. Yeah, that’s true…They have as well and if they had scored first, its a different game…small margins and all that

    1. Yeah but the first goal is always key in these kinds of games…get it early and its a totally different game…

  7. We haven’t been as good as we can be but you would have expected Mane or Mo to bury at least one of those great chances

  8. One of those games where the need to score first is a necessity. These could make it very difficult for us if they get the first.

    1. I think it’s a kinda of plan nowadays.. Make them to work for it.. Run all over.. Make them to believe they can nick a point or goal.. And make them exhausted before we hit them…

  9. When did Blades get that logo with the swords, before or after the Arab owner got in? Or did he buy the team because of the logo?

  10. Now then guys n galls. How’s everyone today ? Gotta blunt the blades early and get a high scoring result. Just a cash stat for everyone. The bitters have spent 415m in 3 years and have gone backwards. Just lovin life

        1. Yeah, he and AO-C bring something that we don’t have right now…To be doing so well even without that is great…

  11. Luv the fact that we play ahead of Cheaty quite a number of times already this season. Time to widen that gap to 8 pts even if its for 24 hours….. and are we really going to enjoy watching Everton lie down and let Cheaty shag them? 🤔😃

    1. I don’t think the toffees won’t try to win. I just don’t think that they can, boy would I love to be wrong tho’

  12. good news, Klopp statement > “Ali is not in contention for tomorrow, (but) it looks like maybe he can train with the team from Sunday on, but we don’t know 100 percent. It’s really close.”

    1. could be that we have the world’s best keeper as our number 2 for a while….don’t think i can ever remember saying that before

  13. I know times change but I miss those days like tomorrow for instance, when you could say , doing nothing tomorrow, so-fuck it-I’m going to Sheffield, knowing that you could get into the ground by paying at the turnstiles…

  14. ha, reports in spain (barca are out fishing again) claim suarez wants to return to us coz he doesn’t like being booed off by the crowd. When they want a player out of the club, they are disgusting

      1. he really did shoot himself in the face when he took the piss out of Robbo. Our guys must be realising that nobody ever seems better off when they leave our place

        1. I’ve always said he’s the best player I’ve seen in a Liverpool shirt. However, I think he’s a horrible person too.

          1. Damage list:
            1. Ripped them off £142m
            2. Gave them their worst nightmare in Europe, courtesy of their own money
            3. Made them lose Copa del Rey final
            4. They had to loan off their most expensive signing
            5. Worst start to a season in 25 years

            Man, when you watch all these unfold from Liverpool’s perspective, selling Glassback Coutinho was a friggin’ brilliant move!!! 😃😃

      2. I don’t mind the celebration part.. That’s is fuck shit rights..
        But trying to hit robbo…fuck he can come back to wash our toilets..

    1. So who they gonna take back in return? Couts? Wait.. They are in the wrong airport.. Probably they can swim abit further to take Diouf with them…

  15. after watching how impressive Kelleler was against MK, i wouldn’t be surprised if we sell Adrian at the end of the season.
    If you look at it, he’s rejuvenated, prem ready, but at 32 has no long-term future with us.
    Reason i’m saying this is that i am already feeling a bit gutted for him. He will end up on the bench, when i think he should be a number one for someone. If we got 25m from someone outside the prem, everyone wins and we would have changed his life for the better.

    1. If anything, Adrian was supposed to make his debut 2 nights ago. Such are the limited opportunities as no. 2 when Alisson is around……

      1. I really hope we will win both the EPL and CL…
        Destroy Barca again in quarter..
        And Messi to score 500 goals.. And we will see who gonna win it next year..

  16. check this out now, unfuckingbelievable Geoff >

    Lionel Messi was named the World Player of 2019 at the FIFA Best Awards on Monday evening, just ahead of Champions League winning Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk.

    But according to the Express, the votes may have been rigged – with Sudan’s coach Zdravko Lugarisic and Nicaragua’s Juan Barrera denying they picked Lionel Messi as their no.1 – despite the FIFA list of who voted for who claiming as much.

    “I did not vote for Messi. I was surprised to be on the list of captains who voted for Messi and there is no explanation how it appeared there,” said the latter.

    This comes after Egypt’s vote for Mo Salah was denied after it was submitted in capital letters.

    To be honest, it’s no surprise that there is some controversy in regards to FIFA – or anything the organisation does.

    We’d be more shocked if the voting system was fair!

  17. So, UEFA has decided to introduce a 3rd tier competition. Looks like they were as original as they could be with a name like UEFA Europa Conference League…… Winner of League Cup goes into it, so, avoid winning the LC if you aren’t going to finish top 6 unless you happen to view it as an opportunity for your youth and reserves…..

  18. I don’t know if anybody is interested but John Barnes is ripping the presenters on talk spurt a new one on the subject of racism. If you ever have the chance to listen to it on ‘listen again’ do so.

  19. Check this bullshit from faffer. This is their pathetic explanation as to why Mo wasn’t included in the fifa best awards
    “Fifa rejected votes for Liverpool and Egypt winger Mohamed Salah at their Best awards earlier this week as they were written in capital letters”.
    Have you ever heard such bunkum and septic in all your born natural. What they’re really mean is we will use any bullshit excuse not include the worlds best cos we want our baby fake madgetrid players in there. What a fucking joke they are

      1. You couldn’t fucking make it up and even if you could it still wouldn’t be as far fetched as that. I am actually shocked and not literally.

    1. Doesn’t get any better does it?, Blatter and Platini gone but they seem to find more dickheads from somewhere…………

  20. All this malarkey about Klopp leaving at the end of the season and Stevie taking over is beyond bollocks!
    When we win the league,
    (And we will win the fucking league!)
    I don’t think you’d get Klopp to leave at gunpoint.

    1. In the words of the immortal Wayne from Wayne’s world. “Oh yes. She will be mine”
      She being the Grail btw. In fact I’ve had a thought…..we should stop calling it the Grail cos that was never found. We need a new name for the elusive one. Any thoughts ?

    2. Why bother…some day he will call it a day, but let’s enjoy it while he is with us. Every other club or fan is envious, just get a T-shirt that say “I love Klopp”.

    1. Nope your not Flaky. I have a few games saved on my hdd and watch them again and again and again. Unless that’s both of us that’s ocd 🤣

  21. All this talk about Klopp leaving and Gerrard coming in… I’d say if and when Klopp decides to go Pep L should step in. Stevie still needs more time IMO.

  22. “For Ki-Jana, I didn’t play on a similar stage when I was 18 years old at this really nice stadium, I wish other clubs would have had similar dressing rooms, by the way!” Klopp said.

    Lol… That sarcasm…

    1. Well, as they said, there wasn’t enough evidence…… but the committee needed to cover the cost of lunch, so….. there ya go….

          1. All I can say is our lads played brilliant for a mish mash team but had no real issues beating the dons. Well structured and held their formation fantastically with a couple of silly moments but nothing they couldn’t handle. You wouldn’t have believed they hadn’t played a competitive match together.

          2. Seems like all the first team and academy players are getting drilled the same way, which will only improve once they move to the new training ground at Kirkby

          3. Can’t disagree mate. They have that Klopp mentality instilled and he can only have told them that if they are ready they will get game time. This shows he can trust them and I’m sure we will see most of them again real soon. Can’t wait

          4. Was a good game to watch live mate. A little disjointed here and there but I was really amazed how good they are especially Brewster Elliot and Hoever. NKOTB

  23. Just read an article that our ceo has said we are back on our perch. Not yet pal we still have 3 prems to win before that happens. I wish some people would stay shtum so as not to kybosh shit

    1. Yeah saw that, was a bit disappointed in that statement. Like you said, we need to win the prem a few times before we can consider reclaiming our perch. In saying that, where we are at the moment I can understand why he said it.

      1. Until we have 1 more than them we ain’t got our perch back. We need to be under the radar as much as we can be. Not that we can but you know what I mean. Stealth mode shit 🤐

          1. come on Al. just rock it. My mates daughter got him a Kenny signed Crown Paints in yellow and he has put it in a frame, i argue with him all the time about it

      1. I’m relaxed Flaky I just wish people wouldn’t say shit before it happens. And yes they are doing rather shit eh 🤣

    2. All these years of not saying anything, how did that work out for us? Maybe whatever our CEO says or does not say does not affect our performance on the pitch? Regardless, we just won the European Cup. If he can’t speak up then, when is he ever going to be able to?

      1. im all for lauding our success geg but to suggest we are back on our perch is going overboard, the perch belongs to the team with most league titles and it aint us……YET when it is us back up there then we can shout about being back on it

  24. If anyone’s interested:

    Everton vs Watford
    Aston Villa vs Wolves
    Manchester City vs Southampton
    Burton vs Leicester
    Crawley vs Colchester
    Chelsea vs Manchester United
    Oxford vs Sunderland
    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    1. If we play like we did tonight with this same team we can win this because they defo will not prioritise this cup over league or EL comps

      1. They bring their young guns and we bring our young reds and let both groups get a proper game. Whichever wins goes on in the competition and the losers learn from it. I’m okay with that, whatever the outcome.

    2. Will be a bit of a cat & mouse game lineup-wise….. one side expects the other to field their seniors, and so they also field their seniors….. only to find out they other side sent on the kids 😃

  25. Just got back in and watched the highlights/ read the match report. Looks like we got lucky in some ways and unlucky in others. Would have liked to have seen this team play though…

  26. Evening fellow reds. I’ve been a busy boy watching footy but back in the car and on the way home. Long trip ahead but we got the win and a few beers in the back seat. Just got scum v Rochdale on pens and listening in. Come on the daaaale

    1. Reports of him being older then looks are true, but he must be taken to the guillotine for the bun or whatever…

  27. mkd wont last that long with their intensity but fuck me a couple of them look a bit stronger we cant allow that

        1. These wouldn’t know a lash if it jumped up and bit them on the behind…it’s one of the reasons why they are so good

  28. Kelleher, Hoever, Lovren, Gomez, Milner, Keita, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Jones, Elliott, Brewster.

    Subs: Lonergan, Lewis, Kane, Chirivella, Van den Berg, Longstaff, Clarkson.

  29. Just noticed God’s book is hitting the shelves on the same day as my Mum’s 70th, can almost see the look of surprise when she unwraps it.

  30. gone early again. Still 4 bloody hours, super pumped. I think i could be going slightly mad, feels like a day after we’ve played i need another fix.

  31. ‘Danny fucking Mills’
    What an outspoken wanker.

    Just added him to the
    ‘People I’d love to fill in list 👊’

    1. argh, my knight in shining armour. In the words of Penelope Pitstop ‘Hayelp’. Fired the boiler up, no leaks on rads (trv’s or bleeders), checked all joints, yet over 24hrs i get a drop of 0.1 bar. Can you think of anything else buddy. P.s. boiler was cold when i took the readings

      1. 1) Check the expansion vessel pressure. If it’s low pump it up to 1bar and see if it holds. While you’re there depress the shrader valve pin and see if any water comes out. The bladder might be torn.

        2) Go outside and see if there’s any water dripping from PRV outlet. It might be passing.

          1. You’re always welcome mate.

            (I know you’ve checked but, 0.1bar fall over 24hrs says radiator or pipe work weep to me mind mate)

          2. ye same here, hoping that the boiler may have been slightly warm when i took the read, find out morrow, fingers and toes crossed

          1. think im more of a Michael myers type mate, blunt, take my knocks but come back even more determined than before and never ever stop, POW

          1. just so we’re clear, you’re crawling curbs and slashing drive by gangsters ? sounds like sore knees and testing you’re throwing arm to the max to me pal, wouldn’t a sniper rifle and a high vantage point be the call of the day after making a phone call for a cheap floosy to relieve you from said vantage point ? lol

      1. I’m really struggling to choose my No.1, Boris should be my obvious choice, but then again there is Jacob Rees Mogg, it’s dilemna for sure……

      2. I’m really struggling to choose my No.1, Boris should be my obvious choice, but then again there is Jacob Rees Mogg, it’s dilemna for sure……

    2. Not sure what he’s said this time, tried to search via Google, but he has said so many outrageous things about lots of clubs that it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack….

      1. He’s been banging on about how Klopp only got the Mangers Award because of his likeable nature and Guardiola should have got it.

        I want to punch him again now

      1. No one can argue they’re for Nike because of the extra money anymore, argument is now towards ‘global presence’, well why not help NB grow their global presence and increase competitiveness ? Anyone can buy merch from the online store anyway.

        Also, Nike will just re-badge any old kit to keep costs down. NB have constantly come up with nostalgic ways of knitting together club and kit, let alone looking sharp as fuck.

        1. I’ve noticed how the basic design of Adidas’ shirts are pretty much the same regardless of club, and have no wish to see LFC shirts being a generic item distinguished only by colour and crest and sponsor name. NB would make LFC shirts unique and as pointed out, they have come up with a nostalgic mid 80s inspired edition for the current season

  32. “Wherever you are it’s about two things, one is development and the other is about winning. Everything is about hope but hope has to become conviction. Each experience makes us stronger, losing made us stronger.”

    Pep Lijnders…

  33. Was Firmino even nominated/shortlisted for the Forward of the Year? If no, good…. let’s keep him as low profile as possible and have him remain under every one’s radar……

  34. Becker, De ligt, Ramos, VVD, Marcelo (WTF), Modric (WTF), De jong, Mbappe, Messi, Hazzard, Ronaldo

    Unbelievable…on what basis is the Real players there

    yeah no standing ovation for these…

  35. Fuck off Messi and the La liga bullshit…
    So many madrid players were on list where none of them deserves even a Xmas gift…

  36. For Modric to win, they forgot the scoring stats of Messi and Ronaldo, but not when its an outsider. VVD completely deserved it. Since it is FIFA award, surely his holand performances is also noted as is premier league and champions league. But hey VVD is not from Spain or REAL or BARCELONA

    1. what are they gonna do next year now. Surely someone else. they managed to get 4 people from real in world X1 and gave it to messi to balance.

      1. Didn’t he score the most goals of any forward in Europe or something? I think Virgil deserves it for what he did and still acknowledge Messi had a pretty good/great season…

  37. How the fuck have dirty Leeds won a fair play award after the spy gate scandal. That is without doubt the single most hypocritical award in the WOORRRLD EVER

  38. What’s your team againts MKDons…
    Adrian to rest.. And Kelleher to start..

  39. i know it’s not cricket but i would be fine with Neil Critchley leading the u23’s out at MK, our boys were gassed by 70 minutes yesterday

    1. I think it would need to be a mix of experience and youth J. I get what you are saying, but theres no point in playing a whole youth team in the cups if they get knocked out early and dont gather any experience in the process. A good cup run would give them that. An early exit would severely limit their chances of invaluable experience. It would do wonders for the likes of Brewster/Hoever/Elliot and any others who are on the cusp of the first team squad.

      1. Shaq is the only senior that would get any value from it, maybe Lala/Dejan, the rest including Klopp, should sit round a massive bucket bong for the week

    1. Think this was a great 3pts…To go 2 goals up at the Bridge, concede a worldie and hold on should not be sniffed at…its the result and performance of champions, even though there are lessons to learn

  40. 15 wins in a row in the prem. can’t argue with that kind of form no matter how we play. Well done lads. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  41. The way FB, TWITTER exploded after their win of Chelsea… Damm…
    Some of the post..
    1. This is Fergie team
    2. Finally we are back
    3. This is the attacking great MU that I wanna see
    4. Let’s win the title before Liverpool
    5. Its time to return as champ..

    I tell u scums bitches.. U need to get relegated and spend some time coming back to reality and tell youself… The glory days are over. No one to help us to buy the FA and to give us non stop publicity.

    1. Last week i was disappointed that they won…… but come to think of it, it’s ok if it’s alternating with a draw or loss. The win just gives them false hope!

    1. Very promising young blood… Never disappoint the fans.. He can dance well..
      Favourites for Britain’s Got Talent.

  42. We were decent and no more today. To say that after beating the Chav’s at theirs is testament to where we are now. Not only do I expect us to win every game, I expect us to steam roller teams while we’re at it.

    1. Honestly don’t expect us to steam-roll teams most weekends (think if that as City’s thing). I just expect us to do whatever it takes to win…If teams want to play football, we’ll out-football them…If they want to fight, we’ll out-fight them…If they want to Burnley, we’ll out-Burnley them…Whatever happens, we are walking away with them points

  43. All in all a good weekend. We’re chuffed after beating Chavs, Manure is shite, Spuds are cooked. Next up: Sheff Utd and the real chance of 21/21. Come on you Reds!

    1. Pundits keep praising fat Frank’s youth movement, but the table shows them to be a mid-table team with 2 wins in 6 matches.

  44. Can’t wait til we can get Naby and Ox more in games like this. Need their creativity in the midfield.

    1. Former bogey team known as Wimbledon…. Brester makes his debut, Shaq gets a game, as does Lala, SVDB, Hoever,

    2. Another game that I don’t really care about the result…Would be good to see Brewster get a run-out though

      1. Even if he doesn’t play another game all season, he can rightly feel satisfied in his contribution when we become champions

        1. Think its just hard to know the number 2s from other teams…always thought Gazzaniga at Spurs was a pretty good number 2…Juventus number 2 is Buffon…Madrid had Navas as number 2 all last season and Barca had Cillessen…alll pretty good goalkeepers

    1. You really need to look closely at Matip’s game. You see Adrian make saves, but also look at what Matip does to prevent shots getting off.

      1. Think Matip is the next player on my list to start getting the credit he deserves now that Fabinho is getting recognition…He’s been unreal the past 18 months or so and if we had bought him then, we’d be talking about him being potentially world class now, like with Virgil…

  45. How many thinks that Oliver wants us to win.. He didn’t allow that play on.. Though we were attacking.. But instead gave a foul and tried to kill time..

  46. Sometimes we need to lose one match(Napoli).. Just to make it right at the end.
    Good first half.. Sloppy second half..
    But 3 points that matters at the end..

    1. Yeah, there are no lessons that stick quite as much as when you lose to learn them, I think…Napoli reminds us every year the need to not get too big for our boots and work harder

        1. To be fair, we both know that the other is the biggest challenge…They are in our heads as well…think about them losing points all the time…

  47. They are not all going to be processions…This was a brilliant 3pts at a notoriously tough ground for us…

  48. Can say this now that we have the 3 pts but Chelsea played well and deserved their goal…2-1 is a fair result..

        1. Kepa made at least 3 brilliant saves at the beginning of the 2nd half…we worked really hard for that win…A draw would have been a disservice

    1. I’d have taken this scoreline at this stage at the beginning…we just need to shut things down…or score one more

    1. Hard to be on top for 90mins away to a top 6 side, i think…news of Chelsea’s demise has been greatly exaggerated

    1. We came out roaring but when we didn’t get a goal, we decided to defend a bit…Undone by a class goal, i think

    1. Re your question about Adrian–I would drop him in a heartbeat for a healthy Alisson. Adrian almost always concedes at least 1. Alisson’s clean sheet ability speaks for itself.

          1. Thought it was an exceptional bit of play by Kante and he defence wouldn’t really expect him to do that…sometimes, the opposition just score a great goal

  49. Chavs have conceded 3rd most goals in the league this year including dead ball situations. You can have the world’s most expensive keeper, but if you have Zouma as a primary centrehalf, you have concerns.

  50. I really think that Brendan and The Foxes will surprise a few people and may well gatecrash the usual suspects for top 4.